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These are the recorded videos of the live sessions of the industry-ready Digital Marketing Course. This course contains 20+ modules with all the necessary practices which will help you to make your career into digital marketing.

Note:- Recorded videos are just for backup, if you are serious about your career in digital marketing, then join Batch 6 of our Industry-Ready Digital Marketing Course.

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Student Testimonial
All paid courses leave you with excellent theoretical knowledge but limited practical knowledge. I joined Gryffindor last month and in the past 30 days, my niche in digital marketing is made immensely powerful through the practice they provide within the course. Grateful to be a part of this astonishing journey at Gryffindor Academy.
Gryffindor Intern-Industry Ready Digital Marketing Course
Disha Jain
Social Media Marketer
If you're looking for a person to mentor you towards excellence in the field of digital marketing, then you're in the right place. Under the guidance of Mr. Rahul Dass, I gained valuable inputs and knowledge about a subject that helped me grow my expertise while it also prepared me for the corporate world and I cannot be more thankful to him.
Intern- Industry Ready Digital Marketing Course-Gryffindor Academy
shubh seth
Content Marketer