Kayak Morris Features Kayaking, Hiking, and Glamping Escapades for Illinois Couples

The brief Version: Janee Matteson had always adored sporting events plus the outside, but the woman home town of Morris, Illinois, located along a number of systems of water, had couple of options getting on water in human-powered watercraft. Thus she founded Kayak Morris, a company that provides canoe accommodations, two levels of directed trips, and affordable coastline hiking. The action organization has the benefit of glampouts, which provide a far more lavish camping knowledge if you are not used to the outside. Only an hour or so from Chicago, Kayak Morris is the best spot for an adventurous daytime date or a nature-inspired instantly holiday.


Raising up in Morris, Illinois, Janee Matteson appreciated activities while the in the open air, but she was always astonished that her hometown, with three waterways running all the way through it, lacked any opportunities for kayaking or making use of other human-powered watercraft.

Janee studied sports medicine in university, even though she liked helping folks as soon as she began involved in the field, functioning inside all day long rapidly turned into dreary and unchallenging. Very, this year, she encountered the concept to begin Kayak Morris: a business to provide canoe rentals and guided trips.

“My home town usually had the nickname River City, however it ended up being usually useful pontoon ships and fishing boats for sale,” she stated. “It is a working lake, therefore we have commercial barge website traffic aswell, but never any human-powered watercraft.”

She changed that with the launch of Kayak Morris. And after a few years of success, she purchased a region of land and included wooded, beachfront campsites — ideal for an overnight getaway for daring partners.

Unique stores for Memorable Experiences

Kayak Morris is exclusively located along three waterways: the Illinois River, the Mazon River, additionally the Illinois and Michigan Canal.

“The Mazon River is unique because it’s the only waterway in which the state fossil — the tullimonstrum — is found,” Janee mentione night stand tonightd. The river has numerous fossil bedrooms, that are unusual because of their fast formation. Meaning the beds preserved both difficult and comfortable areas, building a definite traditional type.

The Mazon in addition does not enable energy or motorized vessel website traffic as it’s therefore superficial, that makes it an excellent spot to kayak.

The I&M Canal, and that is obtainable through the Kayak Morris website, can an important waterway because it launched within the 1800s and had been the primary opportunity for moving goods prior to the damming with the Illinois River. Few canoing businesses are fortunate enough become located nearby the convergence of several different waterways.

The campsite can be on exclusive parcel; it really is a wooded coastline, that is an urgent look in Illinois. Couples from inside the Chicago place are amazed to locate that simply an hour or so off the city — as well as much less from a few of the suburbs — is a soothing spot-on a quiet beach that offers the ability to kayak through a few rivers.

Leases for Exploration and led Tours

At Kayak Morris, you’ll lease a canoe to understand more about the encompassing region all on your own — or with someone special — you can also continue a guided tour. The company offers two types of tours, depending on the standard of kayaking knowledge. You’re the novice concert tour, and that is couple of hours long and ideal for whoever has never ever kayaked before.

More advanced kayakers — or people who want a protracted adventure — can pick among the two premium tours, which final to four hours. The Four Rivers Tour takes kayakers along the Illinois and Michigan Canal, the Dupage River, the Desplaines River, therefore the Illinois River with an end for meal. Others advanced concert tour may be the Starved Rock trip, which takes daring singles or partners on a trip starting in the Starved stone State Park.

The trip provides wonderful views of canyons and much more that can not be seen by hiking. Each concert tour is directed by techniques who is centered on both storytelling and your protection.

There are 2 options at Kayak Morris: unmarried kayaks or combination kayaks that last to 3 men and women. “The combination kayaks tend to be way more secure than a canoe; its nearly impossible to advice over a tandem canoe,” Janee stated.

While you move through water, you’ll likely note neighborhood creatures, including turtles bald eagles, great bluish herons, fantastic US pelicans, egrets, owls, kingfishers, and untamed turkeys, stated Janee.

Affordable hiking directly on the Beach

In inclusion to fun in the water, Kayak Morris comes with wooded beachfront campsites where you are able to pitch a tent and camp out before or after your own kayaking escapades. No RV hiking is permitted, you could park the car extremely close to the camping tents.

“All of our campgrounds tend to be favored by people, partners, singles — anybody into outside,” Janee said. “we aren’t a pull-off-the-highway-and-camp-for-the-night method of spot.”

Janee mentioned that, when she very first introduced kayak leases and instructional trips into the place, need for over night rooms used easily. “We were dealing with some youth teams, particularly lookout teams, and so they desired to stay instantaneously,” she stated. “The actual only real spot I could recommend ended up being circumstances playground around you’d must park at and hike all of your gear within 1 / 2 a mile. Most groups failed to wish to accomplish that. Therefore I bought some area close to the lake, and proper next to another state park.”

She purchased the secure for Kayak Morris in 2012 and gradually turned it into a campsite within the next 2 yrs. She chose the story because of its distance a number of waterways and its own exotic, wooded coastline. “It provided teams a chance to stay immediately, and it also attracted consumers from a larger geographic place,” Janee mentioned. “they may not merely kayak for the day, nonetheless may possibly also remain over night and won’t need certainly to travel back again to anywhere they name house.”

Tent camp costs are merely $8 per person, which makes it an easily affordable escape for couples. Showers can be found in the Morris Community pool simply a mile out, and, in the event that you forget about something, shops are simply down the road.

If you’re searching accomplish more than simply kayak and relax about beach, alternative activities in your neighborhood include geocaching, hiking, cycling, and fishing, Janee stated.

The majority of people whom started to Kayak Morris aren’t residents, Janee stated, however they are from the Chicagoland area. “We’re so simple to get at; people don’t have to head to Wisconsin or Michigan to possess a small holiday. This might be like a staycation,” she mentioned.

Glampout Events Help men and women Ease towards Camping

Not everyone is into durable outdoor hiking, putting up camping tents, or creating fireside dishes by themselves. That is why Kayak Morris hosts special 24-hour glampout — or glamorous campout — events as a fun and convenient option. “With glampouts, my goal is to get people out-of-doors who normally would not go outdoors,” Janee stated.

For glampout activities, the Kayak Morris staff throws up and takes straight down tents for friends, plus they supply asleep cushions to help make the accommodations more content. Therefore the group places seats for those to unwind in, earns timber, starts the campfires, and keeps them going.

Kayak Morris in addition acts a potluck meal and displays a movie outside during glampouts, you could in addition hang out from the campfires if you like to disconnect from technology. Each morning, the staff serves morning meal with stuff like sausage, eggs, pancakes, good fresh fruit, pastries, and Starbucks coffee.

A two-hour guided beginner canoe concert tour is incorporated with a glampout bundle. There is also plenty of time to hike, fish, browse, or relax. Janee said the plan is perfect for an individual would younot need to camp by yourself, or a couple or family members who wants to enjoy the out-of-doors much more convenience, allowing them to focus on leisure and fun rather than strategies.

Next coming for Kayak Morris is beginning the second location to create a lot more choices for outdoor-loving partners when you look at the Midwest.